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Digital Nomads Are Changing the Entrepreneurship Landscape – Entrepreneur

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The pandemic has accelerated the growth of remote work and has transformed the landscape into something much more dynamic. While digital nomadism has existed since before the inception of Web2, with Steve Roberts being called the first digital nomad, it wasn’t until social media became a forerunner in today’s society that it really took off. Now, paired with the transformative changes that lockdowns and bor…….

Digital nomads

Spain Proposes Visa For Digital Nomads – Work Visas – European Union –

Spain has long been the favoured holiday destination for many
sun-seeking Brits. The proposed introduction of a new digital nomad
visa, opening the door to both “working holidays” and
longer term relocations, will therefore be welcome news to

But will these potentially complex arrangements now be more
straightforward for employers to navigate? We consider the
potential employment, immigration and tax implications.

The pandemic saw a surge in requests from employe…….

Digital nomads

Greece’s Tourism Minister Aims to Make the Country Attractive for Digital Nomads – –

Greece’s Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias has said that his Ministry aims to make Athens an attractive destination for digital nomads who are interested in remote work.

His comments came during an interview for the magazine “Ready2 Board” of the Athens International Airport, reports.

“My job is to work every day to increase the tourism product so that we have a better year for Greece. At the Ministry of Tourism, we are calmly studying all the data,…….

Digital nomads

Remote Dream helps digital nomads find the best places to work and stay – Globetrender

Location-independent professionals can use Remote Dream to help them find the co-working hotels and workation hotspots around the world. Jenny Southan reports

Research by MBO Partners shows that 15.5 million digital nomads in the US now exist, an increase of 112% since 2019. With many destinations and accommodation providers now specifically targeting remote workers, travel tech provider Impala is empowering start-ups to help people work from anywhere.

One example is Remote Dream, whic…….

Digital nomads

Myth-Busting The New Digital Nomad – Hospitality Net

There’s The Great Resignation and The Great Upgrade. But what about The New Nomad? Understanding shifts in work behavior and the labor market are crucial to travel companies wanting to tap into the lucrative market of digital nomads.

According to Phocuswright’s latest travel research report The New Nomads: Work and Play From Anywhere, the demographics of the New Nomad population illustrate that many of the previously held assumptions about digital nomads are outdated.

The …….

Digital nomads

South Africa Revamps Its Work Visas To Welcome Digital Nomads – Allwork.Space

South Africa has announced that it will update its visa laws to make the country more accessible to remote workers.  

According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the country will focus on amending its work visas by introducing a startup and digital nomad visa that supports remote workers who want to visit South Africa and boost tourism in the area.  

The digital nomad visa will allow remote workers to live in South Africa for longer than 90 days, with the aim to keep them there…….

Digital nomads

VISA sends its digital nomads to Greece – Kathimerini English Edition

The government has been exploring ways of cooperating with VISA in the multinational financial services corporation’s teleworking program, concerning employees mainly from Europe coming to Greece, in the context of the Tourism Ministry’s strategy on digital nomads. Talks took place on the sidelines of the signing of a cooperation agreement last week regarding the supply of transaction data to the ministry.

The two sides agreed to seek the most beneficial way for that, as ministr…….

Digital nomads

Brain drain: Thousands of young draft-fearing digital nomads flee Russia and Belarus for Georgia – The Globe and Mail

A Ukrainian flag flies on a street in Tbilisi, Georgia, on March 13.LAETITIA VANCON/The New York Times News Service

Maksim had a good life in Minsk. The 32-year-old software developer had a high-paying job in the Belarusian office of a big American digital-platform engineering company. He shared a comfortable home with his wife and young son, and they were optimistic about their future.

<p class="c-article-body__text ep…….

Digital nomads

Greek Tourism Ministry & Visa Reach Agreement to Promote Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa – –

Greece’s Tourism Minister, Vassilis Kikilias, has reached an agreement with Visa, a corporation that eases electronic funds and transfers worldwide, for the provision of transaction data between the Ministry of Tourism and Visa, which will help to promote the Hellenic Republic as a favourable destination for digital nomads.

The Ministry of Tourism and Visa discussed new ways to strengthen cooperation and help the country’s digital nomad visa scheme, reports.</p…….